In Solidarity with Muslims Across Canada


It is with heavy hearts that we express our grief and sadness at the news of the Afzaal family, a Muslim family killed in London, Ontario. The Salman family were specifically targeted due to their Muslim faith. We feel deep sorrow and pain at the news of this tragedy, and the senseless hate and violence it was driven by. Islamophobia is not new to Canada; we have seen it time and time again before and so we will continue to speak out against it. SAWCC stands firmly against Islamophobia and all acts of hate and terror. We stand in solidarity with Muslim communities across Canada and share their grief and sorrow. 

Our hearts go out to the victims’ family and friends who are in mourning. We send out our love, support, and solidarity. May your hearts find peace and healing. May our future be one of justice, joy, and acceptance for all. 






If you are Muslim and in need of support, please check out three Muslim helplines in Canada below: 



·      Text or call: 1-866-627-3342

·      Open 7 days, 12PM-12AM 


·      Call: 855-95-AMALA

·      Mon, Wed, Fri, Sat, Sun 

·      6PM-10PM PST

·      Text services on Wed and Sat 


·      Call: 1-888-315-6472

·      7 days, 12 hours/day