General Services

At SAWCC we believe in providing a wide range of services in order to help our clients from a holistic approach. This is why we cover services such as providing emotional support, helping people navigate the health and social system, community events, and language classes and information session. Here are some of our core services: 

Daily Drop-In

We offer daily drop-in, from Mondays-Friday 9 AM – 5 AM. You are welcome to come without appointment if you need support in any area that we provide service in, or need a referral.

Settlement Program

We provide support to new immigrants and refugees trying to navigate Quebec society.

Language Classes

Sign-up for English or French classes, which take place at our centre. Daycare services also available.


For services that are not offered at our centre, we have a wide network of partners and connections in the city, and we will do our best to connect you to a service that suits your needs.

Interpretation and Translation

We offer translation in South Asian languages for appointments, meetings or legal situations.

Education on Individual Rights

As a strong advocate for women’s rights, we offer many opportunities for education on social justice and on basic human rights. This includes educating on individual legal rights, as well as advocacy and activism.

Informal Counselling

We offer informal counselling and emotional support on issues such as marital, family, legal, immigration, and health-related issues.

Workshops and Information Sessions

Group activities, discussions, seminars, weekly information sessions, and more!


We often celebrate the major South Asian festivals, such as Diwali, South Asian new years, Eid, etc.

Violence Against Women

Providing advocacy, support and accompaniment for women going experiencing domestic violence situations.

Regular Community Gatherings

Monthly Potlucks and regular annual gatherings are a great place to build bonds with people in the community, and also converse in South Asian languages!


For those in need, we provide accompaniment services that range from educating new immigrants on public transit, to accompanying clients to medical or legal appointments.

Job Search

We can offer support in job search, as well as writing CVs and cover letters.

Summer Camp Jobs

We hire students every summer for our children’s summer camp! Check the Jobs section of our website for updates.

Youth Programming

We offer a broad range of youth programming, from girls groups in high schools, to support groups, to monthly events.

Legal Aid

We do our best to provide referrals, accompaniment, emotional support, advocacy and translation services when it comes to legal situations.

Parenting Workshops

We offer workshops to parents and guardians who want to discuss topics that are related to raising and taking care of children.


We publish a quarterly newsletter for our members.

Citizenship Test Preparation

We offer individual classes to people who want to prepare for the citizenship test. Please call to book your specific class!

Computer Classes

We offer basic computer classes to those looking to learn how to use the computer.


As an activist as well as a service organization, we continue to engage ourselves and work towards transformative change for the marginalized communities we serve as well as stand in solidarity with.

All services are FREE, and available in French, English and the main South Asian languages.