As youth are a important part of our communities, our dedication to creating and sustaining grassroots, youth-led, inclusive and empowerment-based youth programs is a significant part of the work that we do. Here are the components of the youth programs that make our programming successful:

Digital Media Arts

Using media arts to learn new skills and nourish creativity among youth.

Free Creative Self-Expression

A place to explore and experiment with creativity, new ideas, and new ways of expressing ourselves.

A Space for Self-Care

Activities to promote well-being, relaxation, and developing personal self-care practices.

A Focus on Storytelling

Using safe space, art and media to share, create and spread awareness on the experiences of young girls and marginalized youth.

Developing safe, healthy and nourishing relationships

Learning the tools and skills for building and maintaining healthy relationships and actively supporting our peers.


Workshops that are youth-led, interactive, and follow a popular education approach on topics relevant and pressing for the youth.