Staff & Executive Committee

The South Asian Women's Community Centre has part-time and full-time staff, project staff as well as an active volunteer pool and members of the executive committee.





Juvaria Yasser
Centre Manager
Coordinator of SAWCC’s Project “South Asian Women-Autonomous and Independent”. Juvaria speaks Urdu, Hindi, Punjabi, English and French.
Harleen Bhogal
Youth Program Coordinator
She speaks Punjabi, English and French. She continues to learn and be inspired by our youth, and have no doubt that they will be involved in our strides towards transformative social change.
Ghazala Munawar
Centre Coordinator
She started her journey at SAWCC as an intern in 2001 evolving as a community worker serving Urdu, Hindi and Punjabi speaking communities leading to her present position since 2012.
Iram Qadeer
Community Worker
Urdu, Hindi & Punjabi speaking
Panchi Chakma
Community Worker
Community worker with the South Asian Women-Autonomous and Independent project
Sangi Khadri
Mangaie Saravanabavan
Community Worker
Community worker with the South Asian Women-Autonomous and Independent project
Shipra Barua
Community Worker
Bangla-speaking community worker
Sivambikai Sivamoorthy
Community Worker
Tamil-speaking community worker
Wasima Fazeli
Translator and Community Worker
Afghan (Dari,Farsi), Urdu and English Speaking. She loves to work as a community worker and help all the women that come to SAWCC.




Indu Krishnamurthy
Let us support each other, so together we can be strong for our families, neighbourhoods and communities.
Dolores Chew
Founder Member
Program Secretary for 2016, she loves SAWCC for giving her community, courage, strength, fun and opportunities to make positive change, help others — women, and communities.
Diane teaches History and North South Studies at Dawson College. She studied at Jawaharlal Nehru University in New Delhi. Diane has been a SAWCC member since its beginnings and has been active in movements for social justice.
Jennifer Chew
Seniors’ Representative
She is grateful to have this opportunity to work again with SAWCC. SAWCC is the created family, the sisterhood, the welcoming space that never lets her feel lonely.
Natasha D’Cruz
Public Relations Secretary
Sarwat Viqar
Kakali Biswas
Publication Secretary
Vrinda Narain
Rushdia Mehreen
Youth Secretary
Rushdia works closely with the youth coordinator(s) to ensure fluid communication between them & EC in terms of priorities and pertinent issues. She is involved in various social justice initiatives ranging from Palestine solidarity/anti-colonial struggles to care.